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Wow…. Even gets a manicure and bottled water… See MoreSee Less

Catch the game on ESPN Radio Fairbanks today at 4pm See MoreSee Less

LIVE Sports….This week on ESPN Radio Fairbanks, Listen online at espnradiofairbanks.com or our FREE APP! See MoreSee Less

LIVE Sports....This week on ESPN Radio Fairbanks, Listen online at espnradiofairbanks.com or our FREE APP!

How many teams do you have left in the tournament?Who’s ready for the men’s Elite Eight? πŸ”₯ See MoreSee Less

How many teams do you have left in the tournament?

Monroe boys and Lathrop girls are playing in the State Championships today. Listen live on the air or online at espnradiofairbanks.com GO RAMS! GO MALEMUTES! See MoreSee Less

Monroe boys and Lathrop girls are playing in the State Championships today.  Listen live on the air or online at espnradiofairbanks.com       GO RAMS! GO MALEMUTES!

Those rings look like they give them super powers…..right?Danny Green and Dwight Howard receive their Los Angeles Lakers championship rings πŸ™Œ πŸ’

(via NBA) See MoreSee Less

Those rings look like they give them super powers.....right?

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7 months ago


LeBron James making history in Year 17 πŸ‘‘ See MoreSee Less

LeBron James making history in Year 17 πŸ‘‘

Comment on Facebook LeBron James making …

Ray & kyrie was raining 3’s all thru out them games, Lebron not a finisher. He never took those big shots or played thru injuries to get his rings. It took him 17 seasons to accomplish all that he’s done, but still only has 3 rings… how long did it take Jordan & Kobe to get them rings and them same accomplishments tho?

He’s a great all around player, don’t get me wrong….ppl just need to stop calling him the Goat lol the league is soft now. You can barely check a player without fouling out before the third quarter.

It was definitely Lebrons night. He got it done on both ends of the floor. But I'm more impressed with playoff Rondo

What an awesome guy and a great athlete.

Great achievement, 3-6 when it matters though…😢

Lebron made a history in 17 years as the only MVP with 6 Finals Losses πŸ’€

He has cried 162 times so far in the bubble as well. Every play he throws his hands up crying to a ref!

Bound to win a couple when you have to play all those series to seven games.

Tim Duncan and Derek fisher have 5 championships. Lol

162 playoff wins yet he's 18 – 27 in finals games, winning just 3 out of 8 championships. He's definitely one of the best the league has ever seen, but he'll never be the GOAT if he doesn't improve his finals win-loss ratio. No matter how many he goes to.

Bulls could have won from 91 up to 2002 if mike didn’t leave to play base ball and if they would have kept the team together

Sure with 3 different teams that he gets to complain about his roster and get or go to stacked teams. And trust me the Lakers roster is all about James whining to get some players. Those numbers mean nothing compared to Jordan and others that have stayed with there same teams throughout there careers.

With 3 titles… Go home ESPN! You’re drunk! The only one he deserved was with Cleveland…

And at least 43 players in the modern NBA era have more ACTUAL Championship titles (Rings) than him with much fewer meaningless playoff wins. Why is this even a stat? Meaningless and actually degrading to his career honestly.

And entered the NBA at age 23 AND left the NBA for two years and came back. I probably would've won two more titles and definitely more playoffs game. FATCS!!!! STILL THE GOAT!

And third most in playoff losses @245. 2nd Tim Duncan @251 and 1st Derek Fisher @ 259.

Tim Duncan didn’t float around the league trying to find better teams to win rings…he made the team around him better!!
MJ is still the GOAT!!!

Lebron Haters cant handle his achievements. Cry babies. More to come. The only player will have 40000 points 10000 rebounds 10000 assist.

Him or the team he played for…especially with the heat…cry baby..
He did not play 1 on 5 plus the opponent bench….he is the referee in games

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7 months ago


LeBron James’ impact on winning is unmatched, according to Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel. See MoreSee Less

LeBron James impact on winning is unmatched, according to Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel.

Comment on Facebook LeBron James' impact…

Nobody impacts choking more than Lebron James esp in the FINALS. That's true in 2011 season. Giannis should be MVP. -Rick Carlisle πŸ’€

Nah. Jimmy buckets has him beat. He's elevated a team that does not have nearly the talent as Lebron's crew.

I think Giannis will win the award but the real MVP is Lebron.
GO πŸš€ & James Harden!

This dude won game 3

Frank just wants to keep his job that’s why he manipulates Lebron. Silver does it to Lebron too, and so he will crown the Lakers champs so Lebron is happy. #Toddlers

Jordan’s impact on winning is unmatched. Coach is wrong.

Giannis had a better regular season statistically. Bucks also had the best record. Regular season award. The award means nothing for what is happening right now in the playoffs.

Nobody impacts flopping more than Lebron James. That's true for this season. It's why he should be MVF.

It’s sad how going 36/7/5/4 is looked upon by many as not enough to be the reason they won. LeBron isn’t my favorite player by any means… but don’t sell the mans impact short

Congrats for 99% of those wins in the east I swear this dude gets so much love for underachieving makes me sick

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7 months ago


β€œAt the end of the day we just hope we make him and his family proud.”

β€”LeBron James on the late Kobe Bryant See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 3939068529473207

That's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard out of his mouth. Stick to basketball LeBron, you're good at it.

How can u not respect a guy like this!A great soul!Go king James!

This is the narrative. Great game by him tonight. It was very annoying to see him complaining about some of the calls though.

Nice of LeBron to support someone that doesn’t have a violent criminal past.

He quit once already, big cry baby!!!

He’s still 3-6 in the finals. MJ would never. 🀷🏾‍♂️

He doesnt know about tradition.. 2 yrs doesnt make it!!

Best thing I ever heard him say…and he didn't cuss…ur learning

Eighth grade education…

Kobe was a man of honor he would want nothing to do with Lebum

How can you not like this guy he’s a stud and a class act

Kobe's legacy is secure, and has been since before he dropped 60 in his final game. 20 years wearing the purple and gold. A winning record in the finals to the tune of 5-2. LeBron can milk this all he wants but any fan of the sport knows that Kobe doesn't need help from LeBron

Let me get his job I can type a full sentence correctly

So si ck of LeBron he's fake and total imbarres himself everyday now

If Lakers win we all gone know this is rigged

Kobe looking down like

It should had been you in that helicopter.not kobe

Xavier Henry somewhere saying

“Thanks Lebron”

Lebron at least you’re not talking about boycotting. Some intelligent has finally come out of your mouth.

Lebron is lebron, there will never be another player like him. He has is own style of playing. I do agree he has a long way to go.
I don't like some of the calls he gets but he is a great leaderπŸ’ͺ🏿. He says healthy, still able to beat players off the dribble, can give you pg25+ 8+ast and 8+ rebs a night. I don't wish that man no bad vibes. I have nothing personal against him at all. And people should keep it that wayπŸ’―.

Kobe is kobeπŸ‘‘ RIP there will never be another player like him aswell.
If kobe had to pick someone to pass on the torch it will have to be lebron. That's just me.
Be in the moment. And Enjoy it. Great job Lakers and Rockets. 2-1

u came big even if I dont like u cz im a warrior u are a great player Bron…u keep the same energy in n outside the court since i knew u but to be honest stop complaining on calls u lose many fans on that

What will ESPN talk about after Lebron James retires someday?

This has to be the smartest thing to come out of his mouth before Covid-19 came about.

How is bron in a position to talk about kobe

Your name shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence with Kobe😑😑😑

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7 months ago


For the first time since 2014, the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference Finals πŸ”₯ See MoreSee Less

For the first time since 2014, the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference Finals πŸ”₯

Comment on Facebook For the first time …

Don't compare us with this trash from the past. We are much better now . look at this smile… πŸ”₯❀πŸ”₯❀πŸ”₯❀

Wow Jamie fox. Got them to the finals. He must be thrilled he left philly.

As much as I wish jimmy buckets still played for the sixers. I’m super happy for him. I hope they win it all

Like that’s a long time for them, how bout being a kings fan and not even make the playoffs in more than a decade. πŸ™ˆ

They need to thank Covid. They’d be long gone if there was a traditional home court.

What a young core!!! They are going to be a force in the East for the next 5 years! #BallMovement

The World: not everything has to do with LeBron.


The Bucks have the mental toughness of a millennial when the phone rings instead of a text.

I respect this Miami team much more. No superstars on that team

You can’t waist time putting Lebron on a post.

How inspirational of the bucks they care so much about social justice they decided to sit out the rest of the playoffs

Any championships won this year in any sport will have a big *

Congratulations Miami Heat players y’all deserve it and welcome back to the eastern conference since finals 2014 the time it’s now

LeRun wants to come back

I told you guys the Milwaukee Bucks were underrated that guy on the Milwaukee Bucks ain't that great he ain't no luau Stendra he ain't no Century ma Cruise that mother f***** ain't that great I'm glad the Miami Heat beat those Milwaukee ducks now you can go home and have a couple Mill Auntie beers you son of a sucker's motherfuker

And Overrated Greek Yogurt has wilted his way out of Milwaukee πŸ‘πŸ€š

For people saying Boston Will beat them in the Conference Finals, they gotta beat the Raptors first

Crazy to think how weak the conference is at this point!!

Hopefully raptors can beat boston and then Heat will play for a championship

I love this for jimmy butler man hope he gets a ring this year..

Spoelstra just proves he is a top 3 coach in the league with a great gm..been winning games and getting to the playoffs with average guys..now has all these dogs!!!

Truth is the Bucks shouldn't even been there. they don't deserve it. – George Hill

They're doing it without the big three in the playoffs

“For the first time since 2014…” Why not just say, “Not since 2014…” There is really only a first time. Just a pet peeve of mine.

Giannis would be a great fit with jimmy.. good fit for jimmy, especially since he ain’t winning more than ECF this year..

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