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Keyshawn, Jay and Zubin: Begins MONDAY AUGUST 17th on 107.9 FM, 820 AM, ESPN Radio Fairbanks! See MoreSee Less

Keyshawn, Jay and Zubin: Begins MONDAY AUGUST 17th on 107.9 FM, 820 AM, ESPN Radio Fairbanks!

Now that’s one heck of a catch! See MoreSee Less

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Such a great sport, cant wait to start playing again,

Run til you cross the line….right? See MoreSee Less

What a Shot!!! Birch Hill has an amazing 18 Hole Disc Golf Course if you’re looking to play!! See MoreSee Less

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5 minutes ago


The Last Dance was simply unforgettable 🙌

Saturday, watch all 10 episodes on ESPN2, starting at 1 PM ET. See MoreSee Less

1 hour ago


Never forget when we were introduced to Shaqiana 🤣

(via Shaquille O’ Neal) See MoreSee Less

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Shaw is the man
True legend

A legit good human being and if you actually dislike him, there's something wrong with you.

I bet that whole building was shaking like a mf

This man is just a around great dude!! Pretty light on his feet for a big man 🕴️

They(Shaq) doesn't get any better. Eat your pea pickin heart out Barkley.(jealous kind of fella)

How does Shaq not have a reality show?

Shaq is funny as hell

Shaq was moving like this with the cavs 😂

wht happnd this channel is block in india & New Delhi

We need more people in the world like Shaq !!

Adrian Bell lmfaoooo

This can never get old 🤣


Brad Ruiz Ayy Lol

Max Mao lmaooooo

Anthony Medrano Jr. I could see you dancing to throw song bro lmao 😆

Dylan Duchassin

I love Shaq. I would love to see him.🤗 Hugs Shaq

I love them he's just a big lovable Giant. I would love to meet him one day,👍🏾

Would love to meet Shaq.Seems like one of the coolest,nicest people.

Shaq is as cool as the other side of the pillow!

I's rather call this new dance a "Shaqarena", but you know, I am Italians and Italian can cook but have not a flair for dancing….

I'm coming Elizabeth.

A True American Treasure

His knees can’t move 🤣🤣

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2 hours ago


One of the greatest tweets of all time 😂 See MoreSee Less

One of the greatest tweets of all time 😂

Comment on Facebook One of the greatest …

He reminds me of pop's. 🤔🤔

Who’s cares. Lebron is the goat 🐐

This was still better

Overrated. I’m pretty sure this guy could beat him in a game of pickup.

I like to imagine him not being able to say his R’s while saying his own name!

Bar none I am the most humblest.
No. 1 at the top of the humble list
My apple crumble is by far the crumblest
By I say it tastes bad out of humbleness

Uhhhh couldn’t disagree more. This tweet is everything wrong with athletes nowadays

That tweet shows a lot of what is wrong with the world. ESPN and people on here are promoting it when it shows a selfish, all about me attitude.

Why is it great?

He probably thought to himself while tweeting, “Let me just tweet only my name out and watch how many people talk negatively about me.”
Congrats everybody. We all want to talk about respecting each other, but then this happens. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lol i don't get why everybody is so worked up…its not that big of a deal smh

Am I the only one missing this?

What am I supposed to with this information???

Garbage go fight for this country then you can stick you're chest out all you do is put a ball in a basket wooooo a joke

Wouldn't kill him to be decent ….. HOF, but not in the personality department.
I know he has some mad skills, but being kind isn't weak ….. 🤔

This must’ve been right after he jumped over Steven Adams back to steal a rebound so his stats were stacked.

Why are ppl mad he tweeted his name? I love it his name alone got ppl all worked up for nothing and it’s mainly white ppl commenting to be honest get a fukn life

Ya’ll give Westbrook too much hate, i know he bricks hella shots but he’s one of the best PG’s we’ve ever seen

Don't hate this man bc he's on opposing team he's a beast not Kong as you want it to be

A great tweet, nothing to hang a championship banner about thou.

That’s called a man that’s full of himself 🤣😂🤣

Westbrook is a legend.. you guys disrespect him w "he can't shoot", "no rings", "Damien Lillard".. that's fine.. he's still a first ballot HOFer and will be remembered as one of the best who ever touched the court… Not bad for a guy can't shoot.. 🤷🏿‍♂️ y'all hate him because he's not nice.. lol. He's playing in the wrong era.. this whole be my friend, don't be mean is soft af.. everybody can't be nice.. 🤦🏿‍♂️

No one cares wtf y’all think 😂 you’re supposed to have confidence in yourself Lebron called his self the goat on tv that’s the most arrogant thing you can say

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3 hours ago


No caption needed for this 😂 See MoreSee Less

No caption needed for this 😂

Comment on Facebook No caption needed …

Haslem…from an era when the NBA had real men playing for them.

You deserve jersey retirement someday.

“hey Jamal where your rings at?”


Kudos to Haslem for being with the heat since 2003. 16-17 years with one team is impressive.

I also thought he retired 10 years ago.

Cant teach height gotta be 6 5 plus to deal with these athletes

Fire woj


Averages 13 high fives a game… mans a stud -_-

You should be on Social Security..

Bruh still playing?! Well toss a pig on a spitroast lol

Basketball players are the ugliest guy in sports.

If u dont believe it no one else will

I tought u were terry crews?!

Dwight Howard said he isnt in his top 10

You mean the sexiest guy on the bench?

you can still delete this before too many people see it

Kevin tiene los mismos anillos que lebron jajajaja

Had no clue he still was in the league lmao

Nick Parker and this is what happens as a result of excessive clapping from the bench

Did he get COVID-19?

Has he met Kelly Oubre?

Should of retired years ago….plays very little if any…gets few minutes here and there…but spends more on bench…some are smart enough to know when its time….others just hang around tooo long…like haslem

What's that got to do with the sport basketball?

Hello. Concerned about the racial disparity in the NBA and NFL players of these sports.

The benign slogan of the majority of your players, while a valid sentiment since everyone's lives matter, was adopted to promote a worldwide organization by the same name begun by three admitted marxists trained in activism.

Your lack of transparency is an injustice to your NBA fans being duped that who if knew wouldn't donate to said worldwide organization. Many definitely would NOT donate to if knew Soros had donated 30 Million to.

Further, the selfishly inconsiderate protests begun in Phase 2, during COVID-19 pandemic that renders many onto life support, who'd say if could too "I can't Breathe" has likely contributed in the spike of COVID-19 cases.

Just simple logic since clustering not advised by CDC in either Phase 2 or Phase 3 and protests did NOT social distance six feet nor wear masks. Further, protests contributed to looting and rioting. That you'd be party to this anti-American movement likely means that you should change your red, white and blue colored logo to black, white and yellow.

I was born in a college town and love all people and your tunnel vision in racial disparity in players, slogans etc. is prejudice and racist. In conclusion since players so much taller now than when basketball began shouldn't basketball hoop be raised and court size and all the measurements, i.e., free throw distance increased, be modified accordingly?

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